Welcome to the official website of Kawaguchi America's Robotic and Auxiliary Division. This site provides information about our Kawaguchi de-gating & sorting robots, our Kawaguchi line of Mold Tippers, and Alfa Pickers & Robots. From our modern midwestern facility we provide Sales, Service, Parts, and Custom Engineering. Our goal is to provide you with the best products and services nationwide.

K-cut 520 and K-Cut 725

The Kawaguchi K-cut is Kawaguchi America's premier 5 Axes Gate Cutting Robot. This labor saving robot is a cost effective way to remove vestige and separate the plastic parts from the sprue. Using the Index sorting table you can sort cavities. To learn more about the K-cut models click here.

Mold Tipper

This new mold flipping devices is an essential tool room mold handling piece of equipment that will safely, easily, and gently turn your molds when servicing them. This is a great accessory piece of equipment for helping transport molds between facilities. Click here to learn more about the Mold Tipper


Kawaguchi America is also a distributor of Alfa Robots. Alfa Robots have been marketed for more than two decades. Sales of Alfa robots last year topped more than 6,000 units. Click here to learn more about Alfa Robots.